The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is a UN agency dedicated to improving and promoting the status of children.

Beyond the donations that will enable UNICEF to set up projects, it was important for EPCR to offer children a unique moment of rugby and to entrench the values of rugby in a sustainable way. The legacy left by the oval ball, in a region that is not used to hosting big rugby teams, will be even greater.

Isidro Elezgarai, President of the UNICEF Basque Country Committee, thanked “EPCR’s commitment to the most vulnerable children” and highlighted that “sport is a strategic means of supporting children’s rights, disseminating values of solidarity and raising funds to strengthen the programmes developed by UNICEF”.

EPCR will make a donation to UNICEF Basque Country for each VIP guest, strengthening the legacy of EPCR Finals weekend in the regional community.